Are You Allowed To Have An Intense Workout While Following HCG Diet?

When people start to follow HCG diet, you can expect a common question from them. “Should I exercise while on the HCG diet?” HCG is a popular weight losing protocol that can make promises for the drastic weight loss without doing any exercise. But some fitness lover can like to follow HCG diet with exercise and they prefer to stick safely to a light exercise routine to stay healthy and fit along with reaching your weight losing goal.

How the HCG diet works

Actually, this diet plan is exclusively designed according to the requirements of your body. This plan is helpful for burning your stored fat and dieters restrict their intake of calorie 500 per day. This food chart consists of lean protein, fruits, vegetables and optionally a small amount of whole grains. This offers a fast weight losing with no feeling of hunger and weakness. This diet has a long term effect on the users. This HCG diet plan makes the mentality of the dieters to stick with this low calorie diet.

HCG diet and exercise:

As the dieters are following this HCG program and taking a little amount of calorie per day, exercise should remain light and simple. While you are living on this exclusive food plan you are taking mainly protein and keeping the level of carbohydrates to a minimum. These carbohydrates are the main fuel of our body and hugely important while doing exercise. People without an adequate amount of this feel extreme hunger, fatigue and exhausted.


Acceptable exercises:

Light exercise is recommended during this weight losing program and the follower of the diet is allowed to do yoga, easy biking and walking. These light exercises can assist you to keep your muscle tone and to stay fit throughout the diet plan without imposing any danger in this program. If you are used to performing an intense workout every day, you may keep continue this, but you have to cut the duration of these.

Exercises to avoid

If you are new to exercising, this is highly recommended for you to follow a light exercise routine. This is not advisable to start a heavy exercise at the first time unless you are accustomed to this. Professional bodybuilders are also suggested to avoid vigorous weight lifting as this can make them exhausted while following this HCG diet. Once you have completed your HCG program and have lost a significant amount of fat, you can start your regular exercise routine.

The best source to guide you!

For the best suggestion, you can visit HCG Body for Life. This is an experienced source to guide you in your weight losing program. Along with offering HCG supplements, they can offer you the proper HCG diet with an exercise that will be certainly helpful for you. Here you can gain a professional assistance and visiting the website you can get huge information about the source. So, if you have any question regarding the importance of exercise while going through the HCG diet plan you may ask for this to the professionals of HCG Body for Life.


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