Know the Importance of Exercising While On the HCG Diet

Obesity can cause numerous health complications for an individual. For being physically fit and healthy, a number of individuals in the country have opted for varied methods. Some have joined weight loss centers or fitness centers. But, the most popular weight loss program that is followed by the individuals is the HCG plan. It is important to continue exercise in HCG diet plan. This plan has been specifically designed with the sole motive of making people lose weight rapidly and effectively. Till date, a number of people have really got benefitted from the program. There are various sources of information for the dietary plan.

Some information about the program

The purpose of the program is already discussed above. The diet aims at increasing the metabolism rate of the body. This will lead to burning down the excess fat stored in the body. Along with the planned diet, the dieters have to use HCG supplements. The supplements are available in the form of droplets or injections. These contain a hormone that has to be administered while on the low-calorie meal plan. It will help in burning about 3500 calories which are equal to losing up to a pound or less in a day.


The importance of exercising while on the diet plan

A misconception is surrounded amongst people that exercising is restricted while on the plan. It’s true to a certain extent but not completely. Let’s try to clear the misconception built.

During the dietary plan after a certain stage, the dieters have to be on a low-calorie diet. The person has to consume a small amount of food. Hence, their body won’t be able to accommodate hardcore workout sessions. Workouts related to strength building are not recommended as the person will only be losing fat and not the lean muscles.

However, mild exercises such as walking, jogging, or any light cardiovascular activities are always encouraged. The dieters have to make sure that they do not continue it for too long. Burning too much of calories may decrease the level of blood sugar. For best result, an hour walking is considered enough. This could be followed up with 15 min. of high-intensity workouts. It has to be noted that the routine may not be suitable for all. Hence, consulting an expert would be a wise decision taken.

Things to expect while continuing exercise in the dietary plan

If you continue to pursue exercising and following the HCG diet then you are likely to gain the following benefits:

  • The dieters will be able to increase their electrolytes consumption
  • Individuals will experience slow but steady weight loss
  • Will be able to consume more calories in the initial stage
  • Major benefits can be gained with lower workout intensities

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